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Cleaning & Surface Preparation

The most important step in painting is surface preparation. Why not leave the task of cleaning and surface preparation to the professionals?! By allowing us to prepare for you, you’ll not only save yourself time and money but you can also be confident the job will be done right the first time.


Contract Maintenance

We currently offer both time & material contracts as well as unit price contracts to many companies. IMI’s maintenance program has created a seamless process for our clients to keep their facility in good condition in a cost effective manner.


Interior & Exterior Painting

Our painting division, both commercial and industrial meets the needs of our corporate clients and adds a professional look to any office.

Wall Covering

Wall covering lends a professional finished look to your facility. It is functional as well, it can be easily cleaned and protects the walls from burnishing and minor impact damage. It needs to be done right.


Fabric Wrapped Panels

Fabric wrapped panels can be absolutely beautiful, very professional and functional. They can quiet a noisy conference room ,Board Room or corporate Café. For all your fabric wrapped panels including those with track systems, be sure to contact us.


Floor Coatings

When one of our larger clients needed a seamless floor in their state of the art building, they turned to IMI to design and install a decorative Quartz floor.


Clean Room Coatings

IMI has applied Hi-Performance coatings and epoxy wall and floor systems to clean rooms for many of our Pharmaceutical and food companies.