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Qualifying a Provider



The key is to select a contractor who is a proven specialist in waterproofing and restoration. The contractor should be able to provide:

  • Proof of appropriate licenses for your jurisdiction.
  • Examples of their management and administrative depth and experience in surface prep and coating.
  • Proof that they use their own uniformed employees with skills training for the work performed.
  • The number of completed projects or years in the industry working with revenue-generating, occupied structures.
  • Evidence of drug-free workplace compliance including a written policy to evidence its existence and a compliance affidavit listing the testing lab and random testing compliance.
  • Experience Mod Ratio—Require a letter from the workers comp carrier documenting their experience mod ratio.
  • This is calculated each year based on claims made; if the rate is high (over 1.35), it’s indicative of a poor safety record.
  • An OHSA 10 or 30 card issued by the Department of Labor that is in their possession on the jobsite.
  • Proof of an independently audited safety program.
  • Proof of a comprehensive work plan that contains production schedules and job site safety plans, and keeps you informed of progress.

Financial Stability

An important factor in selecting a contractor is their ability to document their financial footing. Some points to consider include:

  • Can they provide an independently audited financial statement for the company?
  • What is their financial backing and credit status?
  • Are account payable submittals managed efficiently and accurately?

Certificate of Insurance

Request and review their certificate of insurance. Confirm that it will list your company as well as any additional insureds. Coverage is most beneficial if it includes:

  • $5 million minimum umbrella policy with a “care, custody and control” endorsement
  • Pollution riders—$1 million coverage


These are important issues to most building own­ers. Your contractor should be able to provide:

  • Proof in their ability to obtain a warranty for the specified materials
  • References where they have applied the specific materials, as well as any material application certifications where appropriate.
  • A clear description and sample of their labor warranty prior to contract


  • A company’s ability to provide a bond can be a key factor to insure a project is completed per specifi­cations and in a timely manner.


What do previous customers think? Most good contractors ask their customers to help them rate their projects. Ask the contractor to provide:

  • Proof of a documented policy for collection of post project customer satisfaction including results generated.
  • Reference lists by the materials recommended as well as in your geographic area.
  • References of a similar scope completed 3, 5, and 7 years ago so that the customer can review their record and warranty follow up.